Modern marketing tool for customer communication and reporting
Loyalty program that encourages your customers to return regularly
Better exist in the awareness of current customers and reach out to thousands of new potential customers
Mechanisms increasing customer satisfaction - Customer Experience, giving a competitive advantage
E-paragon & E-invoice - reduce customer service time
Automate promotional campaigns - intelligent adds, thanks to real-time geolocation and precise customer profiling
Payment by using QR code scanning - reduce the costs of cash desks | Special Option *
Solution for self service shops with no employees - buy at window, buy at shelf, order and pick-up | Special Option *
Reports and notifications - gathering opinions about company, product, service in quality index "like"
Motivating and rewarding tool for employees directly responsible for sales
GDPR by design - first solution that enables analysis and profiling of customer marketing data in an anonymized way
Generating E-receipts, you eliminate toxic receipts for human helth
Impact on environmental protection, less paper = more trees