Frequently Asked Questions

Cube app is a modern, easy to use and intuitive shopping application.

Here you will find all your E-receipts, collected loyalty points, which you can exchange for prizes from the prize catalogue, information about promotions in shops, shopping malls, restaurants, service points and online shops. Cube app suggest you what to buy and where to buy at the best price. Cube knows your shopping history and don’t send you spam.

The Cube app gives you an electronic receipt. Your purchase documents will be stored in your e-Wallet forever, with easy search, browsing and use when needed, for example when you need to file a complaint.

You receive them with a single touch of a phone to the POS device in the store. The application has stored data for the invoice and integrates with the POS system.

A highly toxic substance, Bisphenol A, is used in the receipt production process. If you touch an average of 4 receipts per day, your liver needs 24 hours to neutralize the harmful effects of this substance!!!

Receive rewards for points easily by clicking on the catalogue of digital gifts or paying points for subsequent purchases in any store belonging to the Cube ecosystem.

Points in our loyalty program are valid for 2 years. After this period, they will not be able to be used.

With Cube you get real, transparent and numerous consumer ratings. You have the ability to search for products and services from the main application screen in the Search field.

There are search options by :

  • Product or Service name
  • Prices
  • Name of the manufacturer / Service provider
  • Point of sale at a fixed location
  • Internet point of sale
  • The best rating
  • Worst case scenario
  • Number of commands

You earn points every time you buy, review and recommend products and services. Cube app offer loyalty points called Cubics. Each time you see the nominal value of the Cubics in PLN.

The application uses modern solutions that will allow you to find the best promotions, near you are. You don’t have to bother to follow the papers anymore.

You will receive them if you have them enabled. Notifications are sent to your mobile application. You will receive them when new opportunities arise and when you are near a place where there is a promotion.

You can do this in the application settings.

Profile  > Advertisement Settings  >  Watch Advertisements

The app has a smart e-wallet that helps you manage your budget. You can view your purchases in categories, such as: Home, Food, Clothes, Entertainment, Science, Health. You can control your costs and check your spending statistics over time.

You will find information about the duration of the opportunity in its details.

If the promotion is no longer valid, can no longer be used.

If the promotion you found in the Cube app does not work, notify the shop where you want to make a purchase. You can also post a review, so that other users can read about it, and so that the employees of the place have the opportunity to quickly respond to it.

If for some reason you don’t want to use our application, you can delete your account by yourself in the Profile tab.

Profile  >  Account Settings  > Delete Account