CubePOS software was created for small, including one-person businesses to introduce sales. The CubePOS software also works in a simplified form on payment terminals. CubePOS software is adapted to each smartphone and to Android payment terminals. It is intuitive – it functions like an online store.


CubePOS serves as a cash register with the following processes:


a. The seller introduces the products for sale (or scans),
b. The seller scans the unique QR code of the customer who has the CubeMobile mobile application in order to identify the customer in the Cube ecosystem,
c. The Seller accepts payment by card or cash, or e-vouchers or e-money,
d. The seller closes the transaction, which is fiscalized in the cloud and possibly prints the receipt on a regular receipt printer,
e. The customer receives an intelligentny e-receipt, intelligent payment confirmation and many other benefits in the CubeMobile mobile application.