Customer eXperience

Cube is a next generation platform for Individual Clients, Business Clients (stationary and online shops, service providers), Corporate Clients, and Partners (malls, gsm operators, banks, payment providers).

We offer the Individual Customer free of charge shopping application and with it a new Customer Experience. The user of the application will have an E-wallet, where he stores E-receipts, E-money and Gift vouchers.  He will have access to Personal Finance Manager, and will receive in the app personalized promotions, and much more.

Our Business Customers will benefit from a new marketing communication channel and reports with passive and active data to optimize Customer Experience and build loyalty. 

Corporate Clients get an instrument for employess delegation expenses simplified, integrated with ERP.

Our Partners become a part of modern universal ecosystem made off Buyers and Sellers.

Cube is based on modern technology: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Advanced Analytics and Blockchain, offering innovative, future-proof and non-comparable software for the market.

In our philosophy we focus on taking care of the Individual Customer and his unique fill – Customer Experience. We know how important a Customer is for business, which is why Cube has been designed to build a close relationship between the Buyer and Seller.

Cube is a platform that is environmental friendly. It contributes in decreasing number of receipts that can carry chemically toxic substences, and viruses, and consequently saves trees, energy and water.

state-of-the-art solution platform


Internet of Things


Artificial Intelligence




Advanced Analytics




Our vision is to build brand loyalty to the customer, through which it can offer a unique shopping experience, focused around the customer’s needs and tailored to his life cycle. We also believe that digitizing the receipt will contribute to the protection of our planet, and our health. CUBE will create a multi-brand loyalty system, inviting customers to share their purchase history and opinion.


Thanks to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, CUBE will create personalized offers tailored to the customers needs, in order to optimize the value of their purchases. Sellers will increase sales and build customer loyalty, thanks to notifications, while respecting their privacy as per GDPR regulations, and contributing to the protection of the environment though digital receipts.

Our Objectives

Our goal for 5 years is to cover all of Poland, reach 10-15 mln customers and over 100 000 point of sales. Ultimately, CUBE can be replicated initially in all of EU and further expand to Worldwide at a later stage, thanks to scalability and avaliability our platform.


Put the Customer first, Invent and be patient.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder