Cube – the Multi Vendor Loyality Wallet

Cube IOS is the multi vendor loyalty wallet. Cube is the free solution for multivendor loyalty points.

Connect from your social media account! It is as easy as that.

Start earning Cubes seamlessly by paying at our retail partners with our app.

Earn more points by rating, opinionating or recommending products or services you bought!

With one phone tap, you can pay, gather loyalty points, and save receipts in the cloud. Loyalty points, converted into local currency, can be redeemed at any of our retail partners, can also be sold, bought or donated through our state of the art global market place.

Don’t keep bulky receipts for claims, just retrieve them from the cloud!

Buy all your digital services easily from Cube app (transport, leisure, sports, entertainment, etc…). You can also manage your personal finances online, spending almost no time at all, with our ready made report system!