Employee Food Allowance Management System

Most employers offered lunch allowance to their employees on premises.  However, and due to the Covid crisis, employees in more than 80% of the time worked from home, and most on premises canteens just shut down. Consequently, the whole allowance management system collapsed.

The model was simple: An employee would get a small plastic card with a barcode, which was in fact an electronic wallet containing his monthly lunch allowance for example, and was generally refilled every month by a canteen management company, which also dealt with food preparation and servings.

The employee would then pick up his food in the canteen, get his barcode scanned by the cashier, and then settles the difference by credit card/phone between what he ordered, and the amount sponsored by his employer.

This was of great benefit to everybody:

  1. The employee got an allowance
  2. The canteen management company earned money on managing the allowance system, and on food preparation and serving
  3. The employer motivated his employees, and got one single invoice, for the sponsored amounts by the canteen management company for accounting purposes, at the end of each month.

However, this business model has almost vanished, leaving the whole allowance management system obsolete, and in need for a quick operational change.

What if:

  1. The employee orders the food he likes from a mobile app, for pick-up or delivery, and pays on-line.
  2. The employee gets an e-receipt for the food he ordered on his mobile app
  3. The mobile app manages the allowances for each employee, and issues a report and an invoice to the employer, for all money spent on food, by all its employees.

Cube is the answer.