All-in-One Equipment

Wouldn’t you like to free your counter from all messy equipment? Is it not complicated for a cashier to understand what each equipment does? Is it not hard to teach every new cashier about POS, fiscal printer, PIN pad, payment terminal, cashier system, scanner, voucher, advertising screen, notification, rating, etc. ..? Wouldn’t it be perfect if each employee can be a cashier because the sales system is extremely user friendly and easy to use?

Technology is moving very fast. Nowadays, one All-In-One beautifully designed compact hardware equipment can do all tasks from entering customer purchases, up to payment. With the right mobile app, all buying process can be done with one touch, extremely fast, transparent, touchless, and last but not least, completely safe. The beautiful thing about it, is that this hardware equipment can even be a smart mobile phone!!

The buying process would look as follows:

  1. The cashier scans all purchased items with the All-In-One equipment
  2. The customer displays with a mobile app a QR-code
  3. The cashier scans the QR-code with the All-In-One equipment
  4. The customer gets a receipt on his mobile app, and an invoice if necessary
  5. The customer can enter a rating for the service on the All-In-One equipment

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