Loyality Points

Cubic Points

New dimension of the loyalty program

with the Cube app

As we know, the most popular way to make customers return is through loyalty programs. Unfortunately, carrying a dozen or so cards in your wallet or downloading a separate mobile application for each brand can be cumbersome. It should be added that in the case of individual programs, a measurable benefit is deferred over time, because how often can we go back to the same vendor to collect enough points to collect the prize. Moreover, if someone subscribes to a given loyalty program, it does not mean that they will stay in it for a long time. According to research conducted by Colloquy Loyalty Census in the U. S. for nearly $ 48 billion of bonus points and miles spent annually, at least one third are not exchanged by consumers for prizes. Households have memberships in an average of 18 loyalty programs, but are only active in 8 of them.

New consumer surveys in the US economy also show that:

  • 53 % of the population choose to participate in loyalty programs, guided by ease of use,
  • 71 % of buyers say they would be more likely to use their loyalty cards if they had access to these cards and prizes from their mobile phone,
  • 38% of buyers claim that they never knew if they had accumulated enough points to collect the prize,
  • 73 % of population are more likely to recommend and say good things about brands with good loyalty programs,
  • 88 % of respondents indicated that quality is a key factor in their decision to remain loyal to the brand,
  • 72% indicated customer service in the program and at the point of sale as the highest priority.

These statistics are quite a strong argument that loyalty stems from the combination of high product quality and excellent customer experience. The ease of use of the program, access to the mobile version and a clear reward system are also important for the customer. It turns out that interest in loyalty programs has been growing again in recent years. The number of people who use such systems has increased by 31 % over the last four years. This is due to modern loyalty programs that provide transparent benefits.

In Poland, 4 out of 10 people currently participate in loyalty programs. Polish people have membership in 3-4 programs on avarage. The ARC Market and Opinion Loyalty Program Monitor shows that nearly 60% of program participants already use mobile applications. What do they value most about them? No need for a plastic card and the ability to track promotions on an ongoing basis.

An innovative solution is entering the Polish market, which does not force the consumer to be faithful to only one brand. The creators of the system focus on taking care of the excellent Customer Experience. The Cube app provides the convenience of shopping, offering a loyalty program with a many points of sale, creating a branded ecosystem. The consumer has the ability to collect and spend loyalty points throughout the ecosystem. He quickly builds the value of his wallet with Cubic points. He earns points when he buys, evaluates and recommends products and services to friends. Cubic Points can be exchanged for prizes, paid or donated to a selected person.

Receiving awards in Cube is a pleasure and fun. In a few seconds, you can exchange the collected points for Vouchers by selecting the product or service you are interested in. The application also has a Gift function, thanks to which you can make a gift and send wishes to someone. If you run out of Cubic Points for your chosen gift, you can easily buy them. The purchased Voucher can be used at the selected partner outlet by showing the seller the QR code of the purchased Voucher.

Cubic points can also be considered as a means of payment. You can pay for your purchases with them, and if you want to keep the expenses of your children under control, simply transfer a certain quantity of points from your own Wallet in the app by entering the recipient’s phone number or e-mail address.

Cube is a modern, intelligent and free shopping application that also offers attractive, personalized deals, creates a list and a shopping path, stores E-paragons – useful in case of a complaint or return, gives an anonymous assessment, allows you to recommend a product or service to your friends and helps you to manage your budget effectively with the help of the Expenditure Manager.