Ratings and Opinions

Ratings and Opinions

Future Customer Experience Management

As consumers we often rely on them to make our own purchasing decisions. As business owners, we are both afraid of them and we value them because it may depend on them whether or not the customer will buy our products/services. The ratings and opinions of customers on the Internet evoke a lot of emotions. The most common ratings and opinions appear on Google and on portals such as: Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Youtube, Moment, Go Work, etc.

Can you escape the rating system?

It has a lot of disadvantages that business owners complain about. One of them is the freedom of expression of the users and the problem with removing the harmful comment or even the company profile. At a time when public awareness of online privacy is growing, it would seem that Google should erase all information related to us at our request. However, even the RODO does not protect companies – it protects users, employees and customers – protect the people. The company data is public information. Google is not obliged to remove publicly available company opinions upon our request and there is no system to verify them thoroughly. The rating system on public portals is not ideal. The most visible comments on the web can be found in Google. The owner of the company has no possibility to change his own business card there or delete his account. In a word, anyone can write an opinion, even if they have never been a client of the place being evaluated and this happens often.

How harmful are fake rates and opinions?

The author can be a dissatisfied customer, a random hetero, a competitor or even a former employee. Incorrect rates and opinions can spoil the reputation of a reputable company, as well as colour the image of a company whose offer and standards leave much to be desired, in both cases misleading the client. It often happens that authors of opinions cross all moral boundaries, hitting the image of companies. Information about the adverse effects can spread out on the Internet at the speed of light and then the profitability of the company can be questioned overnight. After all, nobody wants to buy defective products, use poor quality services or work in a company with a bad reputation.

Negative opinions can come from several sources. The author may be a dissatisfied customer, a random hetero, a competitor or even a former employee.

Rates and opinions are the key to business control

Business owners are never fully aware of how their businesses are perceived by their customers and how employees behave in their absence. When companies are struggling to become profitable, low demand is first and foremost driven by bad market conditions, seasonality and increasing competition, while bad customer experience is equally likely to be the answer. The value of opinion for business security is therefore invaluable.

Rates and opinions and their new meaning – Customer Experience Management

Rates and opinions are the foundation for Customer Experience Management policy in companies. This new approach is based on managing the client’s experience, at every stage of contact with the brand. We know that the client evaluates his experience on the basis of many factors, such as: the offer, the appearance of the store, service point, the way the goods are displayed, the ease of purchase, the length of queues, the level of service or the speed of processing complaints. More and more often customers decide to buy not because of the price, but because of the good brand experience. This makes them no longer go to the cheapest shops, service points, but to those where they feel well served.

Until recently, technologies allowing for the study of customer experience were only available to a few companies. Now the modern software developed by Kerix is available for every point of sale – small, medium and large shops, chain stores, online shops and service points.

Look what the Cube platform provides.

– The customer has the opportunity to rate his experience at the point of sale on the screen of the POS device, while making payments,

– The customer has the opportunity to evaluate and express an opinion on the product, service and the level of service in the mobile application,

– The customer has the ease, convenience and guarantee of anonymity, which makes it more willing and more frequent to share his experience,

– The right to rate and give opinions is only the customer, who made the payment and can do it once for each purchase,

– The business owner receives automatic, regular reports and notifications presenting a complete picture of the experience of his customers,

– The business owner has the choice of whether the rates and opinions will be published on the web or used only for internal company purposes.

By allowing the customer to share their experience on site and at any time in the mobile application, business owners give themselves the chance to get real ratings and opinions and limit their appearance on the Internet on uncontrolled portals. Most customers leave the rates on impulse, and the immediate rate is most close to the truth. At the point of sale, the customer is willing to take advantage of this possibility, because it does not require effort and time.

Cube – Customer Experience Platform gives companies new opportunities to build an excellent customer experience and thus a competitive advantage in the market.