Promotional Vouchers in the Mobile app

Business owner, are you looking for solutions that will help you increase sales? Get to know the Cube platform.

We present a tool based on the most modern software, which is a purchasing platform with discount offers for Vouchers on products and services. The platform guarantees full transaction security and allows companies to independently introduce their offers though a Web app.

The mobile app, in which the individual customer browses the Vouchers, was designed according to the latest UX trends. The tool is equipped with functions enabling pleasant shopping and a modern, attractive form of giving a voucher away as a gift or donation.

Discover the package of benefits for Business:

  • New sales channel
  • Participation in a multi-brand program
  • The administration panel of the platform with the ability to independently enter offers for products, services, advertisements and notifications
  • Reach customers effectively with personalized promotion using AI
  • Combined promotions in packages with partners
  • Notifications and reports with active and passive data
  • Customer Experience predictive reports
  • Cooperation without complicated contracts, based on a monthly subscription.
  • Low commission per sold and realized Voucher – only 6.5%
  • Secure transactions settlement
  • A solution compliant with the GDPR

Discover the benefits package for an individual customer:

  • A modern way of purchasing and redeeming the Voucher
  • Possibility to transfer the Voucher in the mobile application
  • The possibility of Voucher refund
  • Safe purchase transactions
  • A wide selection of offers
  • Price bargains encouraging shopping