Human Face of Technology in Business

Nowadays we get stuck in the flood of information. Sales mixes with advices, marketing tends to convince us to buy more and more. Happiness and individuality are being promised by mass products.

Welcome to the new quality.

What about reliable hints and ratings? What about shortening way to make accurate buying decisions?

Our synthetic quality index combines ratings and opinions restricted only to those who really bought given product. We also cross validate those with rate of returns and claims – in order to provide you real and complete information.

What about privacy in digital and real shopping?

We don’t need your personal data, we protect it using our ID. We only build anonymous profiles  to provide you tailored information about products you might really be interested according to your decisions – both referring shopping and sharing with us. You choose data that you want to share with us.

What about freedom of choice?

You choose what to do – buy, share opinion or rate, or donate money or loyalty points. Your activities give you additional points to use in any way. Buying, giving your kid or friend or saving as leftovers for bigger occasion.

We create new solutions, for you as for ourselves…