No Toxic Receipts

It is high time to tell the public that the receipts we get every day when shopping and making payment transactions in stores are highly poisonous and dangerous to health. In their composition they contain toxic bisphenol-A. This substance is absorbed into the body through contact with the skin. It is about receipts from card payment terminals, fiscal receipts as well as printouts from ATMs.

 Many Polish scientists, including Dr. Ryszard Grzebyk, warn against the effects of contact with bisphenol-A. It is a highly toxic compound that disturbs the functioning of internal organs, the immune system and the endocrine system. Bisphenol-A may contribute to the formation of serious diseases, including hormone-dependent cancers, such as, for example, breast cancer.

Bisphenol-A is found in both thermal paper blocks and in plastic parts of print heads used in cash register printers, so we can find it in almost all types of receipts.

Bisphenol-A is added in the process of producing paper for receipts to increase their resistance to humidity, abduction, abrasion and crease.

It is estimated that the concentration of BPA in thermal printouts is up to 250-1000 times higher than in some food products, and its permeability through the skin is as much as 46%! This means that due to frequent contact with receipts we are exposed to very serious diseases.

In order to neutralize a typical dose of bisphenol-A, which penetrates to our body through contact with our skin, from one generated from one receipt, our liver must work for 6 hours. As an example, four receipts make the liver work for 24 hours! In fact, how many receipts do we touch every day?

On average, we have contact with even a dozen receipts a day! This means that bisphenol not only destroys our liver, but also accumulates throughout the body, where it causes further damage.

BPA has a molecular structure similar to the female sex hormone – estrogen, and therefore it can interfere with the proper functioning of the human endocrine system.

According to reliable scientific research (see bibliography), bisphenol-A, by disrupting the endocrine and immune system, as well as the work of the kidneys and liver, may contribute to the formation of very serious diseases, including hormone-dependent cancers, type II diabetes, and fertility problems.

Bisphenol-A can also cause miscarriages and serious problems with the development of the fetus, and therefore poses a serious threat to pregnant women, which should be particularly avoided. This substance is dangerous also for young children, because they do not cope best with the excretion of this toxin from their own organisms.

 Our mobile application it’s a real breakthrough, now you can have all receipts and invoices for them in your e-wallet. Behind this solution is also a far-reaching benefit for environmental protection by limiting the enormous amount of paper used daily in payment points, and thus reducing trash, and saving trees, energy and water.