How to improve business profitability with Cube?

Solution for shops and service providers

If you are the owner or manager of a business that offers the sale of products or services, you know quite well what challenges you have to face in maintaining a good position in the market, and how difficult it is to fight for customers. Undoubtebly, you notice the fact that traditional marketing tools are loosing their effectiveness little by little, and restrictions on consumer privacy protection further limit their potential. At the same time, employee costs are rising and competition is already surrounding you.

You ask yourself:

· How to increase revenues and reduce costs?

· How to keep existing customers and how to get new ones when more and more competitors appear on the market?

· How to reach the customer with advertising and promotion, in accordance with the GDPR regulations, and can I afford it?

The answer is ‘the Cube software’ – a comprehensive solution addressed to all your business needs.

Thanks to technology, and as a representative of your own brand , you can join one large digital Ecosystem in which sellers and buyers meet. You have the opportunity to reach thousands of new potential customers without worrying about the GDPR regulation. You can automate advertising and promotional campaigns. In addition, you will receive a tool that will motivate your employees to actively sell. Thanks to the Cube solution you can introduce Customer Experience standards to your company, and if you already have them, Cube will help you maintain them.

Discover our full solution:

  • A loyalty program encouraging your customers to return regularly,
  • Better brand awareness at your current customers, and reaching thousands of new potential ones with your offer,
  • Phone alerts attracting customers to your products – profiled promotional campaigns based on purchase history and customer preferences analysis,
  • Advertising on your counter, and on other sellers’ counters – Cube recognizes the customer and displays a tailored offer for him, to achieve an additional sales,
  • Mechanisms that increase customer satisfaction – building Customer Experience standards, giving you a competitive advantage,
  • E-receipt & E-invoice – shortening customer service time and saving on paper,
  • Reduction of cash registers – a solution for self-service stores without employees 24/7 – reduction of employee costs,
  • Incentive and bonus tool for employees directly responsible for sales, · GDPR by design – the first solution enabling the analysis and profiling of customer marketing data in an anonymous manner,
  • Regular reports and notifications show you a bigger picture of your business, thanks to the combination of sales data, and reliable ratings and opinions on products given by customers.

The introduction of technology in developping a business makes it a winning business, and a profitable one.