How Many Times …

How many times do you wonder where the money went? How come with a clear budget in your head, you get your pockets cleared before the budget is consumed? You will not probably use a complicated, time consuming personal finance management system, but wouldn’t you be grateful if you would receive a detailed report of your spendings to react and save?

Did you not often forget where you bought something? When you bought something? How much this something did cost? Frustrating!!

You have got a good deal once, but impossible to find out where to go again. You need help!

Your memory is short on you, you don’t remember if the item you bought was good or not? You probably recommended this product to somebody, or you gave it a good rating. It is easy then to find the place!

You forgot when the warranty period ends, because suddenly a purchased item stopped working? Don’t loose time looking into your paper receipt, you most probably won’t find it! Keep your purchases in one place, with a warranty date tag on each item.

Are you sick and tired of the manipulated opinions about products and services in the internet, written rather by jealous people, or by the competition, or even fakely bought in a third world country, instead of getting them from real buyers and users? No more!!

How many times you went to a restaurant, or to a SPA, based on opinions in the internet, and you discovered that the places you went to are over rated? No more bad experiences! Get the right opinions and ratings, to make a good choice.

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