Notifications with Promotions in the Cube Application – Modern Marketing

Push notifications in the Cube mobile application are a kind of outbound marketing. The company takes the initiative and looks for opportunities to reach the customer. Proper use of this tool can contribute to brand recognition, attract customers and, as a result, increase sales.

We know that the classic customer is a promotion hunter, but he does not like to waste time reading promotional leaflets, looking for sales and special offers in each of the stores he is interested in. The Cube application means that you do not have to do it anymore, because you can have all the information about discounts at your fingertips, thanks to personalized notifications on the phone with the geolocation function.

How exactly does it work? When a user of the Cube application is interested in offers, he agrees to receive notifications. Promotional messages start popping up on his phone. The application adjusts offers to the customer’s needs, thanks to the data left during registration and based on the purchase history. Additional consent allows you to run the geolocation function. With this feature, offers are even more tailored in terms of distance to stores.

 The use of notifications allows for new, effective brand promotion. Users perceive them positively, thanks to the high level of personalization. The consumer sees only what interests him. Therefore, the alerts are not aggressive, they just correspond to his personal preferences.

Another advantage of notifications is simplicity. Direct communication allows, in turn, an even stronger bond of the brand with the customer, entering his daily life.

Like any marketing tool, also a push notification could have its drawbacks here, but not in the Cube application. The customer can change that through our configurator. In such a case, the risk of alienating the consumer to the brand does not exist, or is kept to a minimum.

Promotions in the application also have an important ecological aspect. By choosing such a solution, you clearly contribute to limiting the cutting of trees needed for the production of paper for promotional newsletters. Thus, you reduce your carbon footprint. To this must be added greenhouse gas emissions from paper production, printing and transportation.

The planet befenits a lot from using electronic marketing solutions