How COVID is Affecting all Types of Transactions

People are realizing that we are living in a world where friction is becoming taboo. The more we can avoid touching things, the better. This will probably not last forever, however this trend will be difficult to reverse. Caution will stay with us for many years to come, we cannot deny that Covid took us by surprise, and nobody expected that it’s going to be a life game changer to a very big extent.

Consequently, buyers are avoiding paper (even banknotes), believing that Covid can stick to it, and the risk of being infected is high. I am not questioning whether this is true or not, still this way of thinking is popular.

Why to bother buying or deal with formalities by touching something, when it is enough to approach our phone to a device to be identified, and/or to settle a bill, and to pick up the paper outcome? In some countries, it is enough to smile at the camera to realize a transaction from A to Z! In some other a touchless device is needed to do so. On the other hand, some countries still require a signature to confirm a transaction, and others still operate mainly with hard elements like cash. One thing for sure: All countries will be heading to protect their nationals and avoid endangering their lives, and that is by implementing touchless transactions.

Cube identifies a customer through QR-code, and allows this customer to receive his receipts, or any other formal document on his mobile, and additionally close a payment transaction if necessary, all in one touchless move.